The New York Ancients
Fife & Drum Corps

The New York Ancients Fife and Drum Corps was organized in 1976 in the
bicentennial year of our nation's founding.  It's membership was drawn from
well known organizations in the New York area such as the Chippewa Fife &
Drum Corps and the New York Regimental Fife and Drum Band.  During the
past 40 years we have grown and spread out to include fifers and drummers
from Connecticut to Florida and from the East Coast to as far west as
 During that period we have participated in numerous patriotic and
civic events as well as parades, musters and competitions.  

Our aim is to help perpetuate the early American martial and folk music
reminiscent of the spirit which led to our nation's founding.
N Y Ancients on 5th Ave. on St. Patricks Day
If you are interested in having the New York Ancients perform
in a parade or event for your community, company or   
organization, fill out the                screen with the event, date,
location and contact person's telephone number.
Here are a few of the tunes played by the New York Ancients over the years

10. Over There
1. Harum Scarum   
2. Irish Mist    
3. Salty Dog
4. Danny Boy      
5. Chug-a-lug
6. Band 13,  In tribute to the
New York Regimentals, New York, NY
7. Brian Boru, In tribute to the Sons
of Liberty Brooklyn, NY
8. Straw Hats, In tribute to the
Chippewa F & D, Yonkers, NY
9. America
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